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Family Law

To provide full-service representation to our clients, the law firm of The Orlando Firm, P.C. operates a small, boutique family law practice. Our lawyers recognize that domestic discord often raises a host of frustrating, depressing and confusing issues. When children are involved, the situation can become exponentially more sad or desperate. Our domestic-law clients can, therefore, expect to be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Mr. Orlando is a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia and of the Atlanta Bar Association. Mr. Orlando is experienced in many areas of family law practice, including:

  • divorce

  • child support

  • child custody

  • separation arrangements

  • domestic violence


  • international custody

  • deprivation actions

  • anti-nuptial agreements

  • pre-nuptial agreements

  • legitimization actions

  • name changes

  • abandonment proceedings

  • grandparent visitation

  • temporary restraining orders

  • parental termination hearings

  • alimony or child support modifications

  • contempt actions

The Orlando Firm, P.C. advocates an aggressive yet personal approach to the handling of a family law case. Most importantly, our attorneys and staff are aware that domestic law cases affect people’s lives and usually involve strong emotions. We represent our clients with extreme competence and zeal, because family law necessarily is an adversarial proceeding. Yet we consistently maintain a view of the “whole picture” to provide the client with knowledge, a reasonable comfort level and a complete familiarity with the case and the governing domestic laws in the State of Georgia.