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Small Aircraft & Airline Crashes

Common in all flight training locations, and never truer than when a client presents to The Orlando Firm, P.C. following the loss of a loved one through an air disaster, is the oft-quoted saying: Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous, but to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.
There are few fields of law more complex and detailed as aviation law.  Whether pilot error, unexpected weather conditions or one of the uncountable number of things that commonly  go wrong, aircraft crashes cannot be reversed and seldom end short of disastrous consequences. From improper or inadequate pre-flight preparation to material or other product failure, careless or inappropriate daredevil piloting, to the simplest of mistakes such as not providing enough fuel for a chosen flight plan, errors in flight generally are unforgiving.
The Orlando Firm, P.C. combines a three-pronged approach to handling severe injury or death cases resulting from instances involving the crash of commercial aircraft, private planes and helicopters:   First, our lawyers and investigators immediately conduct extensive investigation to preserve and document data from the actual wreckage; interview all ground and traffic control witnesses; collect radar, weather and aircraft data; identify all potentially culpable parties; and evaluate jurisdictional issues.  The firm’s quick response permits us to expedite (while evidence remains fresh) the retention of the appropriate expert witnesses almost always necessary in airline crash disaster investigation to conduct testing and issue opinions in such esoteric fields as hydraulics, electronics, navigation, aerodynamic engineering, accident reconstruction and material analysis.  Secondly, the firm takes advantage of the comprehensive analysis always generated by the National Transportation Safety Board to bolster our independent findings.  Finally, in a similar vein, The Orlando Firm, P.C. will secure the cooperation of the proper investigators and all information accumulated by way of the far-reaching authority of the Federal Aviation Administration.  This three-pronged approach permits and assists The Orlando Firm, P.C. to navigate quickly and efficiently and gain control over the complex issues that arise when an air disaster strikes.
In addition, Mr. Orlando brings to the table his own experience and training in pre-flight safety inspections and many hours of flight time in single engine aircraft.  Roger makes use of his personal piloting experience in order to command a basic understanding of the principals of flight, operation of several types of aircraft and to focus on the best direction to steer air crash litigation toward optimizing the results obtained for firm clientele.  If you find yourself or have a loved one in the unquestionably sad and difficult situation of suffering a tragic loss due to the crash of an aircraft, we hope you will permit The Orlando Firm, P.C. to put its skill and years of trial experience and successes to work for you.