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Tractor-Trailer Collisions

Many of our attorneys at The Orlando Firm, P.C. began their legal careers representing businesses and insurance companies. That experience gives us a unique perspective -- knowing how our adversaries think -- which enables us to successfully represent persons who unfortunately suffered injuries as the result of another’s negligence. Whether you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, by a careless doctor, nurse or other hospital/nursing home employee, by a defective product1, or because premises were maintained in an unsafe condition, we have the expertise to provide you with the quality legal representation you deserve. We aim to do so in a professional, yet friendly setting, in which you will be comfortable talking with attorneys and staff who sympathize with the issues confronting you, and who possess the knowledge to help you through trying times.
A Word About Damages
Personal injury cases, as different as they may be in their origin, all share a common goal: the recovery of damages. Judges often instruct juries at the end of a trial that "damages are awarded as compensation for an injury done." The types of damages which may be recovered vary from case to case, but generally, the following types of damages can be recovered: special damages and general damages. Special damages typically include property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages. General damages include pain and suffering, both physical and mental.  In some situations, damages can be awarded for future lost income or future medical expenses.
In certain instances, the imposition of punitive damages or exemplary damages is warranted. Such damages are awarded to punish persons or corporations and to deter them from repeating such conduct in the future. Generally, punitive damages are not awarded for mere, or even gross, negligence; rather, they are awarded only where conduct is willful or wanton, or shows a conscious disregard for the consequences. For example, punitive damages may be awarded where the at-fault party was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time he ro she caused the injury.  Drunk driving is a significant problem and if our clients are injured by a drunk driver, we utilize the civil justice system to ensure that drunk drivers are punished sufficiently to keep them from repeating such conduct in the future.
Wrongful death cases involve different types of damages peculiar to such cases.  There are specific laws which govern the types of damages recoverable in wrongful death cases, as well as the persons who have the right to recover such damages.  If you have the misfortune of having to deal with the wrongful death of a loved one, please be sure to retain an attorney with experience in handling wrongful death cases.  Our attorneys have significant experience handling wrongful death cases and can help guide you through this most difficult and emotionally trying time.
Our attorneys and staff are experienced in handling cases involving a wide variety of injuries including:
- broken bones
- herniated and ruptured disks requiring surgery
- head injuries/traumatic brain injuries
- scars
- burn injuries
- back and neck injuries
- spinal cord injuries/paralysis
General Comment
We have not attempted in this section to address every type of personal injury case we have handled or which could occur. If you have suffered an injury because of the carelessness of another, we invite you to call us for a free consultation. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, we promise to provide you with legal representation aimed at helping you through a difficult and painful time of your life. We will do our best to make sure that you make the recovery to which you are entitled. And always remember, if we don’t win your case, you pay us nothing.